European Association for Endoscopic Surgery and other Interventional Techniques


25th intenational EAES Congress Frankfurt Main, Germany 14-17 June 2017

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Call for Candidates

If you are interested to serve on an EAES Commitee, please submit yor application letter along with your CV and a letter of interest to the EAES Office at

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Consensus conferences

Almost every year, at the EAES annual meeting, the EAES organizes a consensus conference on a burning issue in laparoscopic…

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Surgical Endoscopy

The journal Surgical Endoscopy represents the surgical aspects of interventional endoscopy, ultrasound, and other techniques in the fields of gastroenterology, obstetrics, gynecology,…

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Last year EAES Fellowships 2016-2017 has been appointed during the General Assembly at the 24th International EAES congress in Amsterdam….

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EAES Endorsed Courses

One of the aims of the EAES Education and Training Committee is to ensure that appropriate endoscopic training courses are... Click here for more information

Tips & tricks

In this section you will find how expert laparoscopic surgeons conduct a specific operation or part of an operation. The…

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Webcasts past congresses

WEBCAST of the 21th International Congress of the EAES 17 – 22 June 2013 Vienna, Austria WEBCAST of the 20th International Congress…

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