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Research Talent Academy

Dear Colleagues,

We are seeking applications to our new EAES Research Talent Academy scheme for 2019. The aim of this program is primarily targeted at the brightest young surgical researchers across Europe, and the future leaders of European surgical research.

Specific participants (surgical trainees eligible) in the EAES research talent academy will be invited to the EAES Research Talent Academy on the 12th June 2019, where they will:

  • Receive specific focused lectures from an internationally renowned faculty in the design of RCTs, specific methodology for patient reported outcome measures and writing for peer review.
  • Be invited to work within a group with other young researchers to develop a project that will either be conducted over the following year for presentation and publication, or develop a protocol for submit to the EAES research grant application the following year.
  • Receive mentorship from an EAES research committee member in the development of this project.
  • When the mentorship program is completed, a travel grant up to €500 and free registration for EAES 2020 will be paid as part of this award.

The sincere hope of this program is to cultivate young research networks across Europe, and further for EAES as a society to serve as platform to stimulate investment in young talented surgical researchers.

Interested applicants are invited to submit applications with a deadline of the 15th March 2019. To encourage residents to apply, the Talent Academy is free of charge.

Application is only for surgical trainees and consists of:

  1. Two page curriculum vitae; summarizing key achievements and stage of career.
  2. Two page protocol for a study or trial that the participant may propose to undertake through the talent academy. This protocol must include subheadings (Background, Objectives, Methods, Potential Impact)

Research Talent Academy committee

Dr. Sheraz Markar
St Mary’s Hospital – Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust
United Kingdom


To support the development and enhancement of young surgeons research skills in order to improve the quality of MIS research


To promote good surgical research practice among residents
To improve understanding and application of optimum research methodology by residents
To improve quality of studies conducted on behalf or presented at EAES meetings
To establish a network of MIS evidence-based researchers
To create a new generation of well-trained trained MIS researchers including potential candidates for future EAES committees


Prof. Dejan Ignjatovic
Akershus University Hospital

Dr. Eugenia Yiannakopoulou
Surgery-Breast surgery, Endocrine surgery /Academic teacher
Dept. of Biomedical Sciences
Faculty of Health & Caring professions
University of West Attica
Athens – Greece

Prof. Carmen Balagué Ponz
Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau

Prof. Pierpaolo Sileri
Sapienza University of Rome

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