Research Committee

L. Name F. Name Country Function
Francis Nader United Kingdom Chairman
Agresta Ferdinando Italy Member CV
Antoniou Stavros Greece Member CV
Arulampalam Thanjakumar United Kingdom Member CV
Balagué Ponz Carmen Spain Member CV
Faria Gil Portugal Member CV
Goitein David Israel Member CV
Ignjatovic Dejan Norway Member CV
Markar Sheraz United Kingdom Member CV
Muysoms Filip Belgium Member CV
Yiannakopoulou Eugenia Greece Member CV
Mission Statement

The Mission of the Research Committee within EAES is to promote and disseminate the highest quality clinical research in the field of endoscopic and minimally invasive surgery amongst the surgical scientific community, with a special focus on young surgeon, to improve patient outcomes and clinical training.

EAES Research Grant Recipients
Training in Surgical Research: EAES initiative