European Association for Endoscopic Surgery and other Interventional Techniques

Research Committee

Chairman Research Committee

Dr. Thanjakumar Arulampalam
Colchester Hospital
Colchester – United Kingdom


The Mission of the Research Committee within EAES is to promote and disseminate the highest quality clinical research in the field of endoscopic and minimally invasive surgery amongst the surgical scientific community, with a special focus on young surgeon, to improve patient outcomes and clinical training.

In order to accomplish our mission,
the Research Committee is divided into 3 Subcommittees


Research Talent Academy

The vision of the Research Talent Academy is to support the development and enhancement of young surgeons research skills in order to improve the quality of MIS research
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Guideline subcommittee

The vision of the Guideline Subcommittee is to advance MIS through improvement in quality and increased uptake of clinical practice guidelines in Europe and globally
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Portfolio subcommittee

The vision of the Portfolio subcommittee is to advance the scope, applications and quality of minimally invasive surgery through support for translational research and critical appraisal of process, technique and technology used in MIS throughout Europe and globally.
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Research Committee members

Dr. Elisa Cassinotti
IRCCS Fondazione Ca’Granda
Poloclinico Ospedale Maggiore
General Surgery Department
Milan – Italy

Prof Audrius Dulskas
National Cancer Institute
Genera, abdominal and oncology surgery
Vilnius – Lithuania

Dr. Suzanne Gisbertz
Amsterdam UMC
Department of Surgery
Amsterdam – The Netherlands

Dr. Christos Kontovounisios
Clinical Senior Lecturer in Colorectal Surgery Imperial College
Department of Surgery and Cancer
London – United Kingdom

Dr. Emina Letić
University of Sarajevo
Facutly of medicine
Sarajevo – Bosnia & Herzegovina

Lisa Massey
St Mark’s Hospital
Colorectal Surgery
London – United Kingdom

Prof. Marco Milone
University of Naples Federico II
Gastroenterology, Endocrinology and Surgical endoscopy
Naples – Italy

Prof. Luca Morelli
Azienda Ospedaliero / University of Pisa
Department of Translational Research and
of new Surgical and Medical Technologies
Pisa – Italy

Prof. Beat Müller
Section head ‘Minimally Invasive and Obesity surgery
General, Visceral and Transplantation surgery
Heidelberg University – Germany

Dr. Barbara Seeliger
Institute of Image-Guided Surgery
Strasbourg – France

Prof. Albert Wolthuis
University Hospital Leuven
Abdominal Surgery
Leuven – Belgium

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