Consensus & Guideline subcommittee Projects
The Next EAES Guideline project

The EAES Consensus & Guideline Subcommittee has set as strategic goal the evidence-informed and transparant selection of future EAES guideline projects.

To this aim, we are operationalizing an annual systematic review and quality assessment of published surgical guidelines to identify relevant gaps. In conjunction with an annual survey of EAES members, this process will inform the selection of future EAES guidelines.

The first survey of EAES members has been launched as part of the Survey Project on Guideline Awareness and Use [link will follow] and will run in January 2019.

You can participate in the survey by clicking here.

Scientifically responsible: Prof. George Theodoropoulos

The GAUSS Project (Guideline Awareness and Use Survey Stream)

The EAES Consensus & Guideline Subcommittee is currently running a survey of professionals practicing surgery in Europe with the objectives to:

  1. Investigate the level of uptake of EAES Guidelines and other clinical practice guidelines in surgery
  2. Explore the reasons behind poor uptake
  3. Explore the views of surgeons on how to improve the uptake of surgical guidelines, and
  4. Develop an action plan to improve the uptake of surgical guidelines

The survey has been launched and you can participate here.

Scientifically responsible: Dr. Stavros Antoniou

The Guideline Methodology Webinars

In an evolving area of guideline development methodology, including the GRADE Working Group project (GRADEpro, EtD, iEtD, iSoF, Guideline Development Checklist and toolkit ) and the Agree Next Steps project (AGREE II, AGREE GRS, AGREE-REX, GUIDE-M, AGREE A3), continuous education is a priority of the EAES Consensus & Guideline Subcommittee.

To this aim, the Subcommittee runs monthly guideline development methodology webinars using internal human resources and existing infrastructure, supported by external collaborators.

The EAES Consensus & Guideline Subcommittee expresses its gratitude to Prof. Holger Schünemann for his support to the Guideline Methodology Webinars.

Scientifically responsible: Prof. Andreas Shamiyeh

EAES Guideline Development Manual

Primary strategic goals of the EAES Consensus & Guideline Subcommittee are the improvement of quality and standardization of methodology of EAES guidelines.

The Subcommittee aims at developing a Guideline Development Manual which will be used in future EAES guideline projects. It may also serve as a reference to other national and international organizations.

The Manual will be available through the EAES website in February 2020.

Scientifically responsible: Dr. Ferdinando Agresta

EAES Bariatric Guidelines 2019

EAES has embarked on the project “EAES Bariatric Guidelines 2019” in collaboration with the European Association for the Study of Obesity (EASO) and the International Federation for the Surgery of Obesity (IFSO).

The guideline development group is receiving continuous training in guideline development methodology by the chair of the EAES Consensus & Guideline Subcommittee through regular webinars.

The project methodology involves state-of-the-art systematic review methodology, meta-analytic evidence synthesis and summarization of evidence using the GRADEpro software. The project adheres to AGREE II methodology, evidence assessment and recommendation development according to standard GRADE methodology, and recommendation reporting according to AGREE-REX.

The project will be presented at the EAES Annual Congress in Sevilla, June 2019.

The Guideline Development Group consists of:

Content coordinators
Nicola Di Lorenzo Gianfranco Silecchia
Francesco Canaro Angelo Iossa
Methodological coordinators
Stavros Antoniou Ferdinando Agresta
Clinical librarian
Hans Ket
Senior members Junior members
Carmen Balague – Ponz Berta Gonzalo-Prats Spain
Rachel Batterham Andrea Pucci Italy
Nicole Bouvy Suzanne Pruijssers Netherlands
Luca Busetto Angelo Di Vincenzo Italy
Catalin Copaescu Maura Buza Romania
Maurizio De Luca Giacomo Piatto Italy
Dror Dicker Azran Carmil Israel
Martin Fried Jitka Herlesova Czech Republic
Daniela Godoroja Roxana Badescu Romania
David Goitein Shlomi Rayman Israel
Salvador Morales-Conde Isaias Alarcón Spain
Gerhard Prager Daniel-Moritz Felsenreich Austria
Hermann Toplak Deborah Leitner Austria
Ramon Villalonga Sergio Sanchez-Cordero Spain
 Nader Francis United Kingdom
 Jason Harlford United Kingdom

Scientifically responsible: Dr. Stavros Antoniou/Dr. Ferdinando Agresta