European Association for Endoscopic Surgery and other Interventional Techniques

Research Talent Academy


Dr. Sheraz Markar
St Mary’s Hospital – Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust
Division of Surgery, Dept of Surgery & Cancer
London – United Kingdom

To support the development and enhancement of young surgeons research skills in order to improve the quality of MIS research

To promote good surgical research practice among residents
To improve understanding and application of optimum research methodology by residents
To improve quality of studies conducted on behalf or presented at EAES meetings
To establish a network of MIS evidence-based researchers
To create a new generation of well-trained trained MIS researchers including potential candidates for future EAES committees

One of the main subjects the Research Talent Academy is working on is the Research Sandpit.

In this project candidates groups of 5 people will work together to develop a project proposal and a 3-minute presentation (pitch) to be given to the EAES research panel at the end of the sandpit. To the winning team 10,000 Euro of funding will be made available to deliver the project.

Upcoming Events

The EAES 2022 Wintermeeting - on demand available now

The recorded lectures of the 2022 edition of the EAES Wintermeeting. Offered to you by the European Association for Endoscopic Surgery. A morning full of lectures about the latest technology in endoscopic surgery. ‘Innovations in surgery – from lab to OR’.