Technology Committee

L. Name F. Name Country Function
Arezzo Alberto Italy Chairman CV
Mintz Yoav Israel Advisor CV
Boni Luigi Italy Member CV
Carus Thomas Germany Member CV
Diana Michele France Member CV
Ficuciello Fanny Italy Member CV
Horeman Tim The Netherlands Member CV
Marconi Stefania Italy Member CV
Mylonas George United Kingdom Member CV
Nakajima Kiyokazu Japan Member CV
Nickel Felix Germany Member CV
Sagiv Chen Israel Member CV
Schijven Marlies The Netherlands Member CV
Valdastri Pietro UK Member CV
Mission statement

The Technology Committee was initially established to study tools, techniques and technologies to aid European minimal access surgeons. Through the years, EAES has acquired a leading role in European Surgery, as minimal access and minimally invasive treatments have become widely diffused and represent the gold standard in most surgical fields. Thus, the technology committee has taken the responsibility to support innovation and to lead the introduction of novel basic and advanced instruments in terms of validation, instruction for a better daily use and patient safety.
As EAES has become a reference point for a multitude of surgeons and other specialists from different environments, from research centers to private practice, a balanced attitude is needed between cutting-edge innovation and daily clinical use. This responsible approach is fully represented in the committee’s activities and mirrored by the yearly activity that includes both breakthrough presentations and survey activities, as well as by the effort to deliver to the audience of our symposium a comprehensive overview of available devices on the market, evolving technology and future new devices. The committee interacts and cooperates with other committees and societies in fields of mutual interest. A clear example is simulation for the training of surgeons in minimal access interventions, where, as in the domain of the Educational Committee, full integration of methodologies and technologies are required. The Operating Room of the future, telemedicine, novel approaches such as NOTES and new energized instruments represent the daily interest of the technology committee’s members, opinion leaders and active researchers in these fields, committed to improve the future of our patients.
Finally, a challenging but crucial part of our mission is to spread technology and minimally invasive surgery in developing and low budget countries and hospitals. We strongly believe that technology and innovations are not a luxury reserved for the privileged only.