European Association for Endoscopic Surgery and other Interventional Techniques

Robotics subcommittee


Prof. Hans Fuchs
Professor of surgery
Leading surgeon, robotic surgery
Department of Surgery, University of Cologne
Cologne – Germany


To advance MIS through improvement in quality and increased uptake of clinical practice guidelines in Europe and globally


To involve the surgical community, patient groups and healthcare authorities in the development of EAES guidelines
To standardize the methodology and improve the quality and reliability of EAES guidelines
To promote dissemination and use and clinical uptake of EAES guidelines
To become an information hub for all practitioners in MIS

Members Robotics subcommittee


Assist Prof. Dr. lr. Tim Horeman MSc, Phd
Assistant professor in Sustainable Surgery
Delft University of Technology
Delft – The Netherlands 


Dr. Wanda Petz
Surgeon, division of Digestive Surgery
IEO (Euroepan Institute of Oncology)
Milano – Italy


Dr. Benjamin Babic
St. Elisabethenkrankenhaus Frankfurt
Center for esophageal and gastric cancer surgery
Frankfurt am Main – Germany

Consultant Dolores Müller
University of Cologne
Department of General, Visceral, Cancer and Transplant Surgery
Cologne – Germany


Dr. Nariaki Okamoto
Digestive Surgery
Strasbourg – France

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