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The new role of the EAES Research Committee

During the past year the EAES has initiated a process to formulate its new strategic development agenda and it has been decided that EAES should mainly focus on the new generation of surgeons, on innovative technology and Minimally Access Surgery (MAS) education. Along with this new framework the Research Committee has redefined its mission: “to strengthen the clinical, educational and basic science research in minimally invasive interventions”. The Committee addresses research needs by contributing to the scientific program of the annual EAES conference, awarding research grants, coordinating research clusters as well as facilitating training and networking of the EAES membership.

This new strategy commenced with a consultation process with the EAES membership to define our MAS research agenda in Europe. Following this, the Committee decided to focus on promoting good surgical research practice through continuous education of young surgeons and residents. The Committee has planned a structured research training programme which will start with a pilot interactive research training workshop at the EAES conference in Frankfurt on 14th June 2017. Ten selected residents will participate in a one day course on how to perform high quality MAS surgical research. Following the workshop, five residents will be selected to undergo a 12 month structured research mentorship programme. This mentorship is aimed to support the residents to complete their research project within this time frame. The programme will also help promote networking among the different researcher members of the EAES and contribute to the develop a trained scientific workforce for our society.

Having completed their terms, six members of the Committee will step down this year. We look forward to welcoming new members and are seeking six new members to join our Committee. If you wish to apply for a Committee position, please send a formal application with a short CV to:

For more information on how to apply, click here.

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