Election EAES Board members 2017

Election procedure

The election of the Board members will be held one month prior the General Assembly meeting. An electronic ballot system by mail will be established and every member (active, international non European and founding) has the right to vote within a period of 10 days.

The voting process is supervised by the Internal Auditor and organized by the Secretary General. The Executive Board proposes candidates for election to the vacant positions. All candidates are requested to submit abbreviated CVs. One month prior to the ballot these together with photos of the candidates will be distributed to all members of the association.

The election starts one month prior to the General Assembly meeting and will be open for 10 days. The candidates elected will be informed immediately after the election process, and the successful candidates will be presented at the meeting of the General Assembly.

The following positions are open for election in 2017:

  • the Secretary General,
  • the Internal Auditor.

Electronic Ballot (online voting)

  • There will be an online voting system set up.
  • EAES members who have email addresses will receive an invitation by e-mail to vote. The email includes a link which will be either a personal link or accessible through personal username and password.
  • Voter clicks the link in the email message and accesses his/her own personal ballot page.
  • Voter makes his/her selection by ticking the appropriate boxes and submits the vote by pressing the submit button. Voting done!
  • Once votes have been cast and submitted, the link or login will be disabled automatically in order to avoid multiple voting by the same individual.

Paper Ballot

  • EAES members who do not have email addresses will receive by post an invitation to vote. The invitation includes a hard copy of the ballot sheet with hard copy of the CV and mission statement of the two candidates.
  • Voter makes his/her selection by ticking the appropriate box on the ballot sheet and returns the filled in form to the EAES Office by fax or postOnce voting is completed the EAES legal advisor will conduct the final count and officially inform the General Secretary and Internal Auditor of the final outcome, who in turn will inform the candidates accordingly.


6 March 2017 Call for candidates
1 April 2017 Submission n deadline
15 April 2017 Deadline nominations by the Executive Board
16 April 2017 Selected candidates presented on website / membership
16 May 2017 Call to vote to EAES membership
26 May 2017 Voting closes
1 June 2017 Final outcome presented to the candidates
16 June 2017 General Assembly: Presentation newly elected officers and hand-over


Nominated candidates for General Secretary
Nicola Di Lorenzo

Professor of General Surgery Department of Experimental Medicine and Surgery

Click here for his nomination letter
Click here for his CV

Silvana Perretta

Professor of Surgery, University of Strasbourg, France

Click here for her nomination letter
Click here for her CV

Nominated candidate for Internal Auditor
Gunnar Ahlberg, MD, PhD

Department of Surgery
Karolinska Institute
Stockholm, Sweden

Click here for his introduction letter
Click here for his CV