The EAES has multiple media outputs available, such as a podcast series and a surgery playlist.

EAES podcasts

Stay updated on the ins and outs of the association and the latest news in MIS. Get to know its members, their passions and the possibilities that EAES offers its members. Listen to abstract discussing, or just feel connected via the EAES podcast: Inside Surgery. Check out the podcast on your preferred podcast platform.

EAES playlist

During the 31st international EAES congress, we’ve asked our members their go-to songs for in the operating room. This resulted in the Surgery playlist – EAES inside the operating room. The best playlist to listen to when performing surgery. Carefully curated by members of the EAES.

EAES virtual OR

Have you always wanted to see what it’s like to stand in a virtual OR? Or what it’s like to do your presentation in front of a greenscreen? The participants of the EAES2023 in Roma had this unique opportunity in the EAES Virtual OR. Check out the recordings on the EAES academy.

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