Safety & Sustainability task force

The safety and sustainability task force safety was created in 2022 to provide guidance to surgeons in expanding their ongoing patient care activities to incorporate tools to make their practices safer and more sustainable.

The Safety and Sustainability task force has now joined hands with SAGES to attack the problem of safety and sustainability from a global point of view. For more information on this project, click on the button below.


The mission of the safety and sustainability task force is to promote and advance the principles of safety and sustainability in surgical practices and procedures for our members across Europe, with the ultimate aim of improving patients outcomes and reducing the environmental impact of surgical activities.

Specifically, the task force will aim to:

  1. Develop guidelines and recommendations for reducing the environmental impact of surgical activities, such as reducing waste and emissions, minimizing energy use, and promoting sustainable sourcing and disposal practices.
  2. Disseminate best practices for ensuring patient safety in surgical settings, including the appropriate use of equipment, techniques, team work, effective communication and protocols.
  3. Collaborate with other medical associations and organizations to promote the adoption of sustainable and safe practices in surgical settings, and to raise awareness about the importance of those topics in healthcare.
  4. Educate surgeons and other healthcare professionals about the importance of safety and sustainability in surgical practices, and provide training and resources to help them incorporate these principles into their work.
  5. Research the impact of safety and sustainability initiatives on patient outcomes, healthcare costs, and environmental sustainability.

Overall, the task force aims at improving the quality and safety of surgical care in Europe, while also contributing to the broader goal of achieving a more sustainable and safe healthcare system.


The vision of this task force focused on safety and sustainability is to create a culture of safety and sustainability within the European surgical community, where patients receive high-quality, safe care in an environmentally responsible manner.

Specifically, the task force will:

  1. Foster a collaborative and interdisciplinary approach to surgical care that integrates principles of safety and sustainability into all aspects of surgical practice, from pre-operative planning to post-operative care.
  2. Promote a culture of continuous learning and improvement within the surgical community, where healthcare professionals are empowered to share best practices, engage in ongoing training and education, and continuously evaluate and improve their practices.
  3. Work closely with patients and patient advocacy groups to ensure that their perspectives and needs are fully considered in the development of safety and sustainability initiatives, and to promote patient-centered care.
  4. Serve as a leading voice in the international healthcare community on issues related to safety and sustainability in surgical care, and contribute to global efforts to improve the safety and sustainability of healthcare systems.

Overall, the task force’s vision will be to create a more sustainable and patient-centered healthcare system in Europe, where safety and sustainability are core values that guide all aspects of surgical care.


Manuel Sanchez Casalongue
Emeritus Chief of Surgery Clínica San Camilo
General and minimal invasive Surgeon
Valencia, Spain

Stefania Marconi, Eng, PhD
Assistant Professor, University of Pavia,
3D4Med – Clinical 3D Printing Laboratory Coordinator
Pavia, Italy


Vittoria Bellato, MD
Minimally Invasive Surgery Unit University of Rome Tor Vergata,
Roma, Italy

Maximos Frountzas MD, MPA, PhD
First Propaedeutic Department of Surgery, Hippocration General Hospital of Athens, Medical School, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens,
Athens, Greece

Oleksii Potapov, MD, PhD
Assistant Professor (Surgery), College of Medical Sciences, Rzeszów University, 
Rzeszów, Poland

Miran Rems, MD
Head of Department for General and Abdominal Surgery, General Hospital,
Jesenice, Slovenia

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