Call for candidates for the Education & Training, Research and Technology committees – young members wanted!

All EAES members who meet the criteria, are invited to submit their candidacy for membership in one of the EAES committees. For a mission statement of each of the individual committees please refer to the EAES website.

EAES is looking for 2 young members in each of its 3 committees. The applicant must be a resident in training.  Furthermore, we are looking for applicants that are motivated, committed, have good English language skills and have affinity with social media.

Selection procedure:

The applications will be reviewed on the following criteria:

  • Commitment & motivation
  • Geographical consideration
  • Activity on social media

Applicants may be invited for an interview via one of the available electronic communication channels and/or to submit additional documents if required.

Successful candidates will be announced at the General Assembly during the EAES Congress to be held in Kraków, Poland from 24 – 27 June 2020 and are requested to attend their committee meeting on the afternoon of Tuesday, 23rd June 2020.

Term of Office

Following our bylaws each committee member will serve a 2-year term and his/her position is eligible for re-election for another 2-year term. Your presence will be requested twice a year for the committee meetings during the EAES Wintermeeting and the annual congress. Hotel and travel expenses will be (partially) covered by EAES.

Submitting your candidacy:

Only paid up EAES active members are eligible to submit their candidacy. Submission deadline is the 8th December 2019.

Please submit your application along with your CV and a short mission statement to the EAES Office. If you are interested in joining the

Please note that you can only apply for ONE committee.