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What should surgeons know in cases of oncological pathology in the context of covid-19 pandemic (sars cov-2)?

RECOMMENDATIONS FROM ¨SURGEONS-AEC-COVID19¨ OF THE SPANISH ASSOCIATION OF SURGEON (AEC) In response to the rapid evolution that hospitals face concerning the COVID-19 pandemic, and to the doubts that arise regarding the management of cancer patients who need surgery, the Spanish Association of Surgeons (AEC) want to respond to the questions that arise in this situation. [...]

Recomendaciones de la Asociación Española de Cirujanos – In Spanish

2 - Recomendaçoes em casos de patologia ONCOLÓGICA no contexto pandemica COVID19 - v.2 2 - Recomendaciones de manejo del paciente ONCOLOGICO durnte la pandemia COVID19 - v.2 4 - Recomendaciones en Cirugía oncológica ESOFAGO-GASTRICA durante la pandemia COVID-19 3 - Recomendaciones para cirugía de URGENCIAS durante la pandemia COVID19 - v.2

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