EAES goes green

The publishing world is evolving very quickly during the last decades with electronic publishing as a new area of information dissemination. The electronic revolution has favored a shift from the paper print to electronic access to scientific publications. EAES has offered for years the journal Surgical Endoscopy as a part of the membership subscription both in printed mode as well as electronic access with also access to a number of others journals (ASO, WJS, etc).

Electronic versions

The success and accessibility to the electronic version of the journals, the immediate access to all paper published online immediately after acceptance, and the delay in the receipt of the printed journal sent by post obliged us to reconsider the current usefulness of the printed copy. Additionally printed copies entail an important footprint, and obviously an important economic cost supported by the society. Currently, as a consequence of the constrained economic situation, the different sources of income for scientific societies become more and more difficult. For all these reasons, the EAES Executive Board has considered the withdrawal of the printed version of the journal Surgical Endoscopy starting as per January 2017.

Membership dues

The EAES has not increased its membership dues since more than 10 years and, due to the elimination of the paper copy, has decided to not raise the dues for 2017 but to remain the same. As an alternative we may consider offering a printed version on demand, but this would entail an extra charge for the subscriber of €40.

Obviously the electronic access to all the journals offered  by EAES accessible via different means such as electronic TOC, website, ipad and iphone will be maintained.