Ultrasound Course

For the EAES Symposium on Innovation in Surgery on 22nd February 2024, we are preparing an innovative training program in preoperative ultrasound. The participants will have the unique opportunity to exercise their practical skills on a live, anesthetized animal, a solution that fully reproduces the working environment on human patients.

The course goals

By the end of Intra Operative Ultrasound Module the participants will be able to recognise:

– intraoperative anatomy of the liver
– intraoperative anatomy of the pancreas
– intraoperative anatomy of the biliary ways
– intraoperative liver segmentation
– intraoperative assessment of liver lesions

and also to execute:
– exposure of liver, pancreas and biliary ways for intraoperative ultrasound
– intraoperative ultrasound of the liver
– intraoperative ultrasound of the pancreas
– intraoperative ultrasound of the biliary ways
– intraoperative ultrasound guided needle insertion into the liver
– intraoperative ultrasound guided needle insertion into the pancreas

Registration fee


€195 – EAES member
€250 –
Non member (membership plus package)
Please note: 
You can only register for the ultra sound course in combination with the symposium.

Ultrasound course

€300 – Residents
€350 – EAES member
€450 – Non member

Ultrasound course (max 18 participants)
Course director: Calin Tiu (Romania), Andreas Melzer (Germany)
Location: Ponderas Hospital
Time: 09.00 – 17.00 hrs