in cooperation with the German Surgical Working group of minimally invasive surgery (CAMIC)
Prof. K.H. Fuchs, Congress President
Prof. G. Zaninotto, Chair Program Committee
Prof. K. Ludwig, Chair CAMIC

The next EAES Congress will be held in the heart of Germany and of Europe, in Frankfurt, in the prestigious Frankfurt Messe  (Exhibition) and its theme is appropriated to the location: Technology and Patients Care.

It will be the 25th anniversary meeting of the EAES and it will celebrate the past and future of the largest surgical society in Europe. Before the Congress there will be the Technology Symposium, four Masterclasses,  four Hands-on-Courses and one Workshop to train young doctors to perform high quality surgical research.

As usual, the program of the core meeting will be streamlined in subspecialities: Colo-rectal, Bariatric, Upper gastro-Intestinal surgery, Hernia, Hepatobiliary, Endocrine and Emergency surgery and almost 200 experts from all over the world will form the 2017 Faculty. Five International and European Societies have officially joined this meeting: the German Association for Mini-Invasive Surgery (CAMIC), the Society of American Gastrointestinal and Endoscopic Surgeons (SAGES), the European Society of Coloproctology (ESCP), the International Federation for Obesity Surgery (IFSO) and the European Society for the Diseases of the Esophagus.  We have received over 803 abstracts and 293 videos and we have selected the very best for presentation during the meeting.

Beside of that, in the Exhibition area you will have the opportunity to look at the last developments in the technology for surgery and have a glimpse of the future at the Start-Up section of the Exhibition

The Frankfurt EAES Congress will be “the Meeting” for Surgeons in Europe and we will look forward to welcoming you next June .


Giovanni Zaninotto
Chairman Program Committee
25th EAES Congress

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Wednesday 14th of June 2017

Technology Symposium

  • Morning: Impact of technology on patient outcomes – current status and future challenges
  • Afternoon: Amazing Technologies


  • CAMIC  Academy Masterclass  – endorsed by EAES
  • Management of GERD
  • Fluorescence guided surgery masterclass
  • Interactive workshop: How to elaborate high quality research work (by invitation only)

Hands-on courses

  • Ultrasound hands on course
  • CAMIC Basic hands on course on laparoscopic surgery – endorsed by EAES
Thursday 15th of June 2017
  • Face to face HPB:CBD / ALPPS
  • Unedited videos: Radical oncological resection for rectal cancer: How far can we go?
  • Unedited videos: Robotic esophagectomy & MIA gastrectomy
  • Face to Face Emergency: urgent surgery revisited
  • Unedited videos bariatric; How I do it
  • Face to face Bariatric: sleeve vs plication and surgical REDO vs alternative options
Friday 16th of June 2017
  • Face to Face: Advanced rectal cancer and Neoadjuvant radio chemotherapy
  • Keynote lecture: 25 Years of EAES
  • Sir Alfred Cuschieri technology lecture: The death of surgery (as we know it)
  • Consensus Conference SILS
  • Unedited videos: Laparoscopic ventral hernia and Minimal invasive component separation
  • Best EAES videos sessions
Saturday 17th of June 2017
  • Free paper oral and video sessions
  • Treatment of early Barrett cancer (joint session ESDE and EAES)
  • Spotlight on colon cancer
  • Moving the mesh to extraperitoneal position: future of ventral hernia repair?
  • Benign UGI disorders: how to deal with complex problems