The 26th International Congress of the E.A.E.S. is organised in collaboration with the Association of Laparoscopic Surgeons of Great Britain and Ireland (ALSGBI)

Congress President:Prof. George Hanna
Program Committee:
Chair:Nicole Bouvy (The Netherlands)
Co-Chair:Giovanni Zaninotto (Italy)
Members:Alberto Arezzo (Italy)George Hanna (UK)
Jaap Bonjer (The Netherlands)Andrea Pietrabissa (Italy)
Catalin Copaescu (Romania)Peter Sedman (UK)
Nicola Di Lorenzo (Italy)Marek Soltes (Slovak Republic)
Nader Francis (UK)Eduardo Targarona (Spain)
EAES Executive Board:
President:Jaap Bonjer (The Netherlands)
President elect:Andrea Pietrabissa (Italy)
Immediate past president:Eduardo Targarona (Spain)
General secretary:Nicola Di Lorenzo (Italy)
Treasurer:Catalin Copaescu (Romania)
Internal auditor:Gunnar Ahlberg (Sweden)
Chair Education & Training Committee:Marek Soltes (Slovak Republic)
Chair Research Committee:Nader Francis (UK)
Chair Technology Committee:Alberto Arezzo (Italy)
Editor in Chief:George Hanna (UK)