30th International EAES Congress | Kraków, Poland | 5 - 8 July 2022


Abstract submission for the Amazing Technologies Session

Minimally invasive surgery is a revolution driven by technology

The introduction of miniaturized video cameras and thin and long surgical instruments changed the way we treat our patients and has changed surgery dramatically. Laparoscopic surgeons were the first to learn to use sophisticated technology in the general surgery O.R., and many of them help design the tools that we use.

The EAES is determined to lead and shape the future of minimally invasive surgery, including the technologies we use in the operating room and outside it. One of the important activities to achieve that is to maintain a platform that enables open communication with our partners in shaping the future – engineers, designers, and the industry.

It is my pleasure to invite you to join us in the Technology Symposium of the next EAES congress Kraków, Poland, 5 July 2022.

The symposium is composed of two parts – a morning sessions on the Impact of technology on patient outcomes – current status and future challenges and afternoon “Amazing Technologies” session, where short abstracts will be presented on cutting edge technologies for MIS.

If you are a surgeon involved in the development or research on technology, you are invited to submit your work or come and learn what others do, and what lies in the future.

If you are an engineer or designer, submit your abstract and interact with your future users, or come and learn what your peers are currently busy with.

If you are from the industry, submit and present your prototypes and new products and get immediate feedback from the experts, or come and learn where the industry will be in a few years.

You are most welcome to register for the congress.

See you Kraków!
Yoav Mintz
Chairman, EAES Technology Committee

You are invited to submit abstracts to the 30th EAES International Congress for the Amazing Technologies session

Please not that this call is for amazing technologies abstracts only. All submissions from deviant topics will not be accepted!

All abstracts must be submitted online via the EAES abstract submission page. (Please read conditions before submitting your abstract)

  • Only original studies can be accepted. Those already published or presented prior to the EAES congress will not be considered for presentation.
  • The scientific material selected for presentation at the congress will be divided into oral and poster.

Once the abstract selection process has been completed (end of March), authors whose abstracts have been chosen for oral or poster presentation will be notified.
Please note that only presenting authors having registered for the Congress and having paid the appropriate registration fee by 15 April 2022 will be included in the program.

Authors whose abstract is chosen for oral presentation should note that seven minutes are allocated for oral presentation followed by 3 minutes for discussion.

  • Abstracts must be submitted in English. All accepted abstracts will be published in a separate online issue of the journal Surgical Endoscopy dedicated to congress abstracts and will be available online.
  • Authors presenting an accepted paper must register to attend the 30th International EAES Congress and pay the appropriate registration fee before 15 April 2022. Failure to register automatically implies that the abstract will neither be included in the program and congress app nor published in the digital journal Surgical Endoscopy.
  • Notification of rejection or acceptance of abstracts together with instructions for presentation will be mailed end of March 2022 to the address given on the abstract form.
  • By submitting your abstract, you accept that you will be the presenting author, unless otherwise indicated upon submission. Furthermore, you will make sure to be available at the date and time of presentation that will be allocated to you at a later stage.
  1. Abstracts should be organized as follows:
  • A short and specific title that indicates the objectives of the study. Abbreviations should be avoided in the title.
  • The entire title can be no longer than 150 characters.
  1. Abstracts must be written as follows:
  • No blank line between paragraphs
  • Abbreviations may be used in the text only, but they must be defined on the first usage
  • References and credits are not to be included in the abstract
  • The text can be no longer than 350 words and should contain:
  • Aims
  • Methods
  • Results
  • Conclusion(s)

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