EAES Laparoscopic and Endoscopic Training Courses

The EAES organizes training courses to provide surgeons with a wide range of minimal access surgery techniques. The courses are geared to your level of expertise, from beginners to advanced, as you need or desire. Topics range from basics to advanced procedures such as bariatric, colorectal and pancreatic surgery. At least one course faculty is a member of the EAES educational and training committee, and all instructors are members of the European Association for Endoscopic Surgery.

All course sites and programs are peer-reviewed by the EAES educational and training committee who oversees the quality of the courses and the training therein. Special packages and reasonable prices as well as reimbursement policies have been made possible by the sponsoring partners of the EAES.

The EAES provides several different educational activities for it’s members:

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