European Association for Endoscopic Surgery and other Interventional Techniques

Clinical visit week

In an attempt to offer educational opportunities to all its members, EAES is proud to announce a new programme called the EAES “Clinical visit week”
This programme gives EAES members the chance to visit and experience – for one week – other reference centres in the field of Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS).
The goal of this programme is to facilitate networking of EAES members within the MIS community and to help spread high quality MIS surgery and research in the MIS field.

Eligibility criteria:
EAES member, there is no age limit

Necessary papers:
Complete CV of the applicant
Letter of intention (max one page)

How does it work: EAES handles the applications and provides eligibility checks, subsequently linking the applicants with the host institutions on a first-come first-served basis. Because it is a one week visit, the programme prepared by the centres is very concentrated, in an attempt to keep you busy every day and every hour of your visit. 
Even though all the centres are carefully selected, EAES takes no responsibility for actual clinical visit execution. Its content and accuracy of the information provided is the sole responsibility of the clinical visit host institution. All expenses to get to the center and during the visit are the responsibility of the visiting surgeon.
At the end of the visit / programme a certificate signed by the EAES president will be awarded.

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