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EAES Clinical Visits

EAES Call for Centers providing EAES Clinical Visits opened!

EAES Education & Training Committee is delighted to introduce a NEW educational initiative: EAES Clinical Visits. Based on the success of the EAES Fellowship programme, the idea is to provide the possibility to visit leading MIS centers for a shorter period of one week, thus allowing for clinical immersion and networking. Participation in this initiative will not be limited by age and/or experience, so any member of the EAES interested will be eligible. At the moment, possible host institutions are identified by an open call, so if you feel that your center fulfills the eligibility criteria and you would like to welcome EAES members for Clinical Visit, please, be so kind and fill in the application form & return it to!

Eligibility Criteria for Centers

  • Clinical Visit director must be EAES member
  • Center must be nationally/internationally recognized for MIS procedures
  • At least one Clinical Visit per year have to be opened and advertized via EAES
  • Maximum 2 surgeons per visit may be accepted
  • Center guarantees possibility to observe high-volume of surgical procedures
  • Clinical Visit will be provided free of charge to participants
  • Center agrees that EAES provides certificate of attendance to participants of Clinical Visit
  • Center accepts that no financial support is provided by EAES towards Clinical Visit organization/execution for the time being

Applications will be subject to assessment process. Selected centers will be advertized via EAES communication channels.

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