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Application Requirements

Application Requirements

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The following requirements must be fulfilled for EAES endorsement:

  1. The course director must be an EAES member.
  2. The course director must have an academic position or a university teaching appointment.
  3. At least half of the course should be dedicated to practical “hands-on” activity (live surgery does not qualify for “hands-on” activity). The duration of the course should preferably be at least two days.
  4. A detailed program with the calendar must be submitted for approval by the EAES Education and Training committee.
  5. For each advanced course a member of the faculty (EAES Assessor) should be designated by the EAES Education and Training committee. For basic courses EAES Assessor is not needed provided that direct online feedback from the participants is performed.
  6. Travel, hotel expenses and honorarium €750 per day for the member of the faculty designated by the EAES Education and Training committee will be covered by the course organization.
  7. Objectives of the course, program, hands-on activity, course director´s CV and list of publications and selection of participants must be clearly described and approved by EAES Education and Training committee.
  8. The director of the course must declare the financial sources of the course.
  9. The course director has the responsibility of avoiding any form of advertisement for specific products or instrumentation.
  10. EAES members are entitled to 10% reduction of the course fee (minimum €50).
  11. EAES endorses courses on a yearly basis – application has to be renewed every year.

Once completed, please return the application form to:
The EAES Office attn of Muriel van Eck; email:
If you need more information please contact the EAES office at tel +31 40 2525288

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