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EAES Forward Project

The EAES Forward Programme addresses the issue of quality surgical education in some target European countries. EAES is keen to support the spread and adoption of MIS in regions that need such an initiative, in line with the vision and strategy of the EAES to promote the adoption of safe MIS techniques in Europe and beyond. It will also help those regions to enhance the uptake of MIS for the benefits of patients.
In addition to supporting training, this program would provide opportunities for collaborative research that can promote good research methodology to aid training and or clinical practice in those countries and beyond.
This will be the first list of steps from EAES aimed to generate political priority, mobilise resources, and assure meaningful improvements in the field of endoscopic surgery.

The Education & Training committee has selected 10 young surgeons from Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro, Kosovo, Serbia and Macedonia to participate.

– Due to the COVID-19 pandemic their programme will start with a number of webinars. Based on the desired specialisation of the candidates, related topics for the training webinars were selected as such:
Basic Laparoscopic Skills
Acute care surgery
Lower GI – laparoscopic left colectomy for cancer
Upper GI – Benign
Lower GI – Right colon
Upper GI – Bariatric
Upper GI- Endocrine
Lower GI – Inflammatory and rectum
Upper GI – Cancer
Upper GI -HBP

– Following the webinars, surgeons will undergo multi-modal training, 3 months clinical fellowship in a recognized MIS center across Europe, that will enhance their clinical and academic skills.
– After the program is completed the surgeons will return to their countries and hospitals to implement their experience so that their patients and region can benefit. Clinical mentorship (proctoring at fellow´s center to support the fellow to practice the learned skills).
– Assessment and final report.

We aim, considering the COVID-19 situation, to complete this first programme in 2 years.

We are proud to present our first 10 candidates 

Ivica Zarev – Serbia

Aleksandar Kujovic -Montenegro

Aleksandar Kujovic – Montenegro

Ognen Kostovski – Macedonia

Milan Todorovic – Bosnia & Herzegovina

Vladimir Joksimovic – Macedonia

Astrit Hamza – Kosovo

Milan Veselinović – Serbia

Nada Santrac – Serbia

Stefan Kmezic – Serbia

Adnan Satrovic – Bosnia & Herzegovina

Upcoming Events

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