European Association for Endoscopic Surgery and other Interventional Techniques

Partnership Agreement with IRCAD

We are excited to announce our new partnership agreement with IRCAD. In spite of the different structures and organization of both institutions, we have similar goals and a number of projects of common interest. In order to develop these potential common projects of interest EAES and IRCAD agreed to develop a partnership project to support the development and promotion of Minimal Invasive Surgery.

Courses run at the IRCAD center  are endorsed by EAES and can be found at the website of IRCAD.

EAES members will benefit from a 10% discount of course fees. Stay tuned and visit our website regularly for further information on the different projects.

partnership ircad

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The fact that we cannot meet each other in person does not mean that we cannot provide you with training and education. Especially in these times. Take part in our virtual congress. Stay connected, stay healthy and stay tuned.