EU Projects

The EAES collaborates with the European Union on multiple projects on innovation in surgery.


The CLASSICA project will clinically validate the use of AI-driven imaging and decision support in real-time cancer surgery.

CLASSICA is an EU-funded project looking at how to deploy cancer classification AI technology in the operating theatre. We will clinically validate a novel AI-guided intraoperative decision-support technology across several clinics, surgical teams, and countries. Our technology will differentiate between cancerous and non-cancerous tissues in real-time.


PALPABLE aspires to commence a new generation of palpation tools based on a synthesis of cutting-edge technologies essential for the identification and visualisation of tissue abnormalities in minimally invasive surgeries (MIS). By enhancing tactile sensing to achieve internal palpation, the method of tissue characterisation according to their depth, size and stiffness is also to be enhanced. This way, the consortium aims to further improve the current statistics regarding MIS advantages, from reduced tissue damage and blood loss during surgery to decreased postoperative recovery and hospitalisation.

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