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EAES Winter Meeting 2018

EAES 2018 Wintermeeting

EAES Wintermeeting 2018

Will intelligent machines revolutionize endoscopy and surgery?

Recent advances in soft and compliant robotics, rapid manufacturing, collaborative robots, autonomous reasoning, and artificial intelligence powered by deep learning are enabling robots to work side-by-side with humans and driverless cars to circulate in our cities. In endoscopy and surgery, robotics is nowadays well established as a tool to augment surgeon’s performances by transparently mapping the operator’s intent. In a very near future, surgical robots will have the capability to perform autonomously specific tasks of a procedure, relieving the surgeon from the burden of performing repetitive and tiresome actions.

The 2018 EAES Wintermeeting, a tradition conceived by Gerhard Buess, will focus on translational research in robotic endoscopy and surgery by discussing a number of new platforms that are ready to enter the market or to start clinical trial. We will also focus on enabling technologies such as feature extraction from endoscopic imaging, soft robotics to reach deeper inside the human body, and automation of specific tasks during a clinical procedure. Furthermore, the program will include an overview about how rapid manufacturing is shifting the paradigm of pre-operative planning.

If you want to get an update about the field of surgical robotics and how the future in the field is shaping out, then the 2018 Wintermeeting is an event you should not miss!

We hope to see you in London on Friday 19th January 2018. Costs are €50 per person, including coffee break and lunch. Registration will open soon.

Pietro Valdastri & Kiyokazu Nakajima 
Chairmen of the Technology Wintermeeting 2018

Alberto Arezzo
Chairman of the Technology Committee


Chairs: Pietro Valdastri (UK) and Kiyokazu Nakajima (Japan)

Date & time: Friday, 19th January 2018, 10.00 – 16.00 hrs
Location: ExCeL London
Room: 17-19 within CentrEd Training Centre
Address: One Western GatewayRoyal Victoria DockLondon E16 1XL

Robots for flexible endoscopy and endoluminal surgery
10.00 - 10.20Robotics for TEM - Guang Zong Yang (UK)
10.20 - 10.40Robotic colonoscope - Pietro Valdastri (UK)
10.40 - 11.00Machine vision and VR in flexible endoscopy - Danail Stoyanov (UK)
11.00 - 11.20Robots for flexible endoscopy and endoluminal surgery - Silvana Perretta (France)
11.20 - 11.40EndoMASTER - Lawrence Ho (Singapore)
11.40 - 12.10Discussion
12.10 - 12.30Lecture: Advanced manufacturing for pre-operative planning - Andrea Pietrabissa (Italy)
12.30 - 13.40LUNCH
13.40 - 14.00FESS project - Norihito Wada (Japan)
14.00 - 14.20Flexible robots - Kaspar Althoefer (UK)
14.20 - 14.40Medrobotics - TBA
14.40 - 15.00Cambridge Medical Robotics – Martin Frost (UK)
15.00 - 15.30 Discussion
15.30 - 15.45Closure

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