Symposium on Innovation in Surgery - Malta 2023

Ultrasound Course

Ultrasound Course 26th January 2023

Following the six years of experience in the development of the EAES platform for the training of surgeons in sonography, our experts have created a full-day course with hands-on applications on cadavers.
This type of approach opens unlimited ways of inventiveness in preparing the most credible environments for better understanding of the clinical ultrasound.
You can opt for a position in one of the three offered modules: Ultrasound Guided Procedures, eFAST (Trauma) and Intraoperative Ultrasound

The course goals

By the end of the Ultrasound Guided Procedures Module, the participants will be able:

– To select the proper biopsy tool for any ultrasound guided biopsy you want to perform
– To handle the samples and biopsy tools correctly
– To perform a correct biopsy of small and large tumor on liver and breast models / cadaver
– To perform a correct biliary drainage on liver models / cadaver
– To perform a paracentesis and thoracentesis under ultrasound guidance
– To recognise the ultrasound biopsy complications and to know how to handle these complications

By the end of Intra Operative Ultrasound Module the participants will be able to recognise:

– intraoperative anatomy of the liver
– intraoperative anatomy of the pancreas
– intraoperative anatomy of the biliary ways
– intraoperative liver segmentation
– intraoperative assessment of liver lesions

and also to execute:
– exposure of liver, pancreas and biliary ways for intraoperative ultrasound
– intraoperative ultrasound of the liver
– intraoperative ultrasound of the pancreas
– intraoperative ultrasound of the biliary ways
– intraoperative ultrasound guided needle insertion into the liver
– intraoperative ultrasound guided needle insertion into the pancreas

By the end of the eFAST module the trainees will be able to identify:

– Basic ultrasound semiology
– Free fluid in the peritoneal, pleural and pericardial cavities
– Basic ultrasound structure of liver, spleen, kidneys, urinary bladder

and will be able to perform:
– A complete and correct E-FAST exam
– A clinical decision pathway for trauma patients
– Elements of the E-FAST exam for other clinical situations

Registration fee


€195 – EAES member€250 – Non member (membership plus package)

Please note: You can only register for the ultra sound course in combination with the symposium.

Ultra sound course

€300 – Residents
€350 – EAES member
€450 – Non member

Ultrasound course (max 18 participants)
Course director: Calin Tiu (Romania)
Location: University of Malta, anatomy department

Alexandru Carap, eFAST
Bogdan Socea, eFAST
Gerald Filip, Guided Procedures
Radu Elisei, Guided Procedures
Florin Botea, Intraoperative
Valeriu Surlin, Intraoperative

11.00 – 11.30   Welcome & registration & opening remarks
11.30 – 13.30   Lectures Session
13.30 – 14.30   Lunch
14.30 – 15.30   Hands on session on Molds
15.30 – 16.00   Coffee Break
16.00 – 19.00   Hands on session on cadavers
19.00 – 19.30   Final remarks, course evaluation

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