Honoured members

The honorary membership recognises distinguished service to our association and/or in areas of EAES strategic interest. The criteria to select the honorary membership award recipients is their outstanding contribution to EAES and to the progress of endoscopic surgery and/or other interventional techniques.
The lifetime achievement award honours those individuals who have dedicated all their professional life to Minimally Invasive Surgery and/or other interventional techniques and is presented in recognition of their outstanding leadership and contribution to those areas.

2023 Roma:
Honorary membership awarded to: Patricia Sylla (USA), Natan Zundel (USA), Philip Chiu (Hong Kong)
Lifetime achievement awarded to: Francesco Corcione (Italy)

2022 Kraków:
Honorary membership awarded to: Amir Szold (Israel), Horacio Asbun (USA)
Lifetime achievement awarded to: Reinhard Bittner (Germany)

2021 Barcelona WCES:
Lifetime achievement awarded to: Mario Morino (Italy), Miguel A. Cuesta Valentin (The Netherlands)

2020 Kraków (congress was virtual due to COVID-19, ceremony moved to Barcelona 2021):
Honorary membership awarded to: Aurora Pryor (USA), I-Shu Chen (Taiwan), Davide Lomanto (Singapore)
Lifetime achievement awarded to: Richard Satava (USA)

2019 Sevilla:
Honorary membership awarded to: Hyung-Ho Kim (Korea), Masahiko Watanabe (Japan)
Lifetime achievement awarded to: Wolfgang Wayand (Austria)

2018 London:
Honorary membership awarded to: Steven Wexner (USA), Yuko Kitagawa (Japan)
Lifetime achievement awarded to: Jack Jakimowicz (The Netherlands)

 2017 Frankfurt:
Honorary membership awarded to: Edmund Neugebauer (Germany)
Lifetime achievement awarded to: Alberto Montori (Italy)

2016 Amsterdam:
Honorary membership awarded to: Lee Swanstrom (USA/France)
Lifetime achievement awarded to: Abe Fingerhut (France)

2015 Bucharest:
Honorary membership awarded to: Michel Gagner (Canada)
Lifetime achievement awarded to: Sir Alfred Cuschieri (UK)

2014 Paris:
Honorary membership awarded to: John Hunter (USA) and Chinnusamy Palanivelu (India)
Lifetime achievement awarded to the “Lap choly musketeers”: Philippe Mouret (France) †, Jacques Périssat (France) and François Dubois (France)

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