Rising Stars Academy

With the Rising Stars Academy, we wish to provide young surgeons and surgical trainees the opportunity to train on non-technical skills, through a series of online masterclasses given by experts and real leaders in surgery of our time.

Surgery is a very demanding career that requires learning a large number of procedures and countless technical details. Throughout a surgeon’s training and career, education, courses and congresses focus primarily on developing and improving technical skills. However, other talents and skills that are essential to becoming an outstanding surgeon are often neglected during traditional surgical training. With this project, we wish to provide young surgeons and surgical trainees the opportunity to train on non-technical skills, through a series of online masterclasses given by experts and real leaders in surgery of our time.

Call for candidates Rising Stars Academy 2024 is now open!

Application deadline: 15th April 2024

Eligibility criteria:

  • Surgeons and surgical trainees under 40 years.
  • Members of the EAES.
  • Commitment to attend the whole programme.
  • Commitment to attend the Rising Stars Academy during EAES 2024 Congress.


  • Short CV (2 pages maximum).
  • Motivation letter describing current stage of training or surgical practice (including surgical specialty), future clinical and research plans, and what you expect from participating in the Rising Stars Academy.
  • Commitment to attend the EAES Congress in Maastricht, The Netherlands 11-14 June 2024 (send registration confirmation to EAES Office when done).

Outline of the programme:

  • Top 20 candidates will be selected to participate in the Rising Stars Academy.
  • The programme will address relevant non-technical topics through a series of online masterclasses, in sessions of 90-120 minutes with 3-4 talks of 20 minutes each in every session with 40-60 minutes of discussion.
  • Programme will start on September 2024 and end in May 2025.
  • Candidates will be divided into 4 groups of 5 candidates that will develop a project during the year with support from the EAES Young Members Task Force.

Start of the masterclasses – September 2024.
End of the programme – June 2025 (EAES Belgrade Congress)

Programme Rising Stars Academy 2023:

  1. Leadership and teamwork – 13 September 2023
    Moderator: Ana Senent
    • Mentorship and leadership in modern surgery? – Salvador Morales-Conde
    • Can leadership skills be learned? – Delia Cortes-Guiral
    • Decision making in critical situations – Nader Francis
    • Communication and conflict resolution in a surgical team – Alberto Arezzo
  2. Sustainability and safety – 4 October 2023
    Moderator: Clarisa Birlog
    • Building a green OR – Andrea Pietrabissa
    • The sustainable hospital – Stefania Marconi
    • Safe use of energy devices – Manuel Sánchez-Casalongue
    • Setting up a Safety Management System – Paul Barach
  3. Teaching – 25 October 2023
    Moderator: Audrey Jongen
    • Communication skills – Johanne Bloemen
    • Artificial intelligence in training – Tan Arulampalam
    • Metaverse: the future of education – Manish Chand
    • Train the trainers´ programme – Bogdan Smeu
  4. Innovation – 15 November 2023
    Moderator: Marta Botti
    • Artificial intelligence in surgery – Silvana Perreta
    • Innovation as a science – Leonie Baldacchino
    • How to be a surgeon and an innovator – Yoav Mintz
    • Industrial partnerships & patents – Stefania Marconi
  5. Research – 6 December 2023
    Moderator:  Piers Boshier
    • How to conduct a Delphi study? – Nader Francis
    • How can guidelines inform my research? – Stavros Antoniou
    • Multicentric studies: how to start? – Sheraz Markar
    • Finding funds for a research project – Tan Arulampalam
  6. Equity – 10 January 2024
    Moderator: Audrey Jongen
    • Training differences in eastern vs western countries – Catalin Copaescu
    • Mind the gender gap – Nicole Bouvy
    • Generational gap in surgery. Is youth a barrier? – Pietro Mascagni
  7. Learning – 31 January 2023
    Moderator: Clarisa Birlog
    • Should surgeons trust “youtube”? – Mark Coleman
    • The best platforms to learn surgery – Jose Balibrea
    • Tools needed for a paradigm shift in surgical education – Jose Balibrea
  8. Publications in the digital era – 21 February 2024
    Moderator: Piers Boshier & Emanuele Botteri
    • The future of scientific publications – Jaap Bonjer
    • The role of open access publications – Eduardo Targarona
    • Digital interaction for sharing knowledge and scientific publications – Julio Mayol
  9. Personal well-being – 13 March 2024
    Moderator: Emanuele Botteri
    • Staying fit to perform – Freek Daams
    • Will robotics solve ergonomics in surgery? – Dolores Müller
    • Status update projects working groups
  10. Work-life balance – 3 April 2024
    Moderator: Marta Botti
    • From resident to president – Salvador Morales-Conde
    • Parenting and operating: the challenge
    • Finding the work-life balance as a surgeon – Delia Cortes-Guiral
  11. Resilience in surgery – 24 April 2024
    Moderator: Ana Senent
    • Coping with complications
    • How to deal with complaints, litigation and regulatory matters? – Bertie Leigh
    • Resilience in surgical training – Nader Francis
  12. Project presentation – 8 May 2024

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