European Association for Endoscopic Surgery and other Interventional Techniques

UEG Week Virtual 2020

UEG Week Virtual 2020
October 11-13, 2020 

Best of Postgraduate Teaching from UEG Week
November 27-28, 2020

UEG Week Virtual 2020 and Best of Postgraduate Teaching from UEG Week will take place digitally.

The UEG Week Virtual 2020 Platform
Your UEG Week experience will be hosted on our brand-new, interactive congress platform.
Our platform offers live interaction, the ability to ask experts in real-time, chances to connect with colleagues on a global scale, and more – all with the added bonus of a virtual twist.
Take a first trip through the platform with our video.

Scientific programme
Keep up with the latest and greatest scientific advancements. The UEG Week Virtual 2020 scientific programme will take place on our virtual congress platform. The programme will be featured across many virtual lecture halls as well as in our live TV Studio.

Networking – Take time to have fun and connect!
Join us in the myUEG Community area where you can meet and interact with colleagues, experts,  mentors and role models from around the globe.

Registration for UEG Week Virtual and Best of PGT from UEG Week
Register online here Allied health professionals, trainees and students benefit from reduced fees.

Make sure you take advantage of this special offer for EAES members!

Exclusively for participation in the UEG Week virtual 2020 the EAES gives away a limited number of free registrations.


  • You need to register yourself to participate in UEG Week Virtual 2020.
  • EAES will reimburse your registration upon presentation of your proof of payment.
  • This offer is only valid in conjunction with a valid EAES membership for 2020.
  • The offer is only valid for applications received before 31 October 2020.
Please send your reimbursement request no later than 31 October 2020 to

Submitting your request for reimbursement does not automatically result in your request being granted. A maximum of 150 free registrations is available.
EAES reserves the right not to honour your application.

Upcoming Events

The EAES 2022 Wintermeeting - on demand available now

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