17th IFSES World Congress of Endoscopic Surgery - hosted by the EAES



You are invited to submit abstracts for the Amazing Technologies Session at the 17th IFSES World Congress of Endoscopic Surgery (29th EAES International Congress) for oral and poster presentations.

Submit your abstract, share your findings with the global community and contribute to surgical endoscopy in 2021 and beyond. 

Minimally invasive surgery is a revolution driven by technology.

The introduction of miniaturized video cameras and thin and long surgical instruments changed the way we treat our patients, and has changed surgery dramatically. Laparoscopic surgeons were the first to learn to use sophisticated technology in the general surgery O.R., and many of them help design the tools that we use.

The EAES is determined to lead and shape the future of minimally invasive surgery, including the technologies we use in the operating room and outside it. One of the important activities to achieve that is to maintain a platform that enables open communication with our partners in shaping the future – engineers, designers, and the industry.

It is my pleasure to invite you to join us in the Technology Symposium of the next EAES congress Barcelona, 24 November 2021.

The symposium is composed of two parts – a morning sessions on the Impact of technology on patient outcomes – current status and future challenges and afternoon “Amazing Technologies” session, where short abstracts will be presented on cutting edge technologies for MIS.

If you are a surgeon involved in the development or research on technology, you are invited to submit your work or come and learn what others do, and what lies in the future.

If you are an engineer or designer, submit your abstract and interact with your future users, or come and learn what your peers are currently busy with.

If you are from the industry, submit and present your prototypes and new products and get immediate feedback from the experts, or come and learn where the industry will be in a few years.

You are most welcome to register to the congress. Registration to the postgraduate course only is possible too!

A special registration fee of € 50,- to attend the Technology Symposium 2, afternoon program,  applies to those who have registered for the Core congress, before 1 August 2021.
The regular registration fee is € 100,-

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