Call for candidates – Guidelines committee

The EAES invites all EAES members to submit your application for the Guidelines committee.

This year, the EAES Executive Board has decided to establish a Guidelines committee. To this aim, we invite you to submit an application, should you be interested to join in any of the functions below. Do you want to become engaged in guideline development? Do you have experience in research, stakeholder representation in guidelines, statistics, or patient partner?

Application deadline: 25th March 2024

What does EAES offer you?

  • Association experience
  • The opportunity to build your international network
  • To be faculty in the annual EAES congresses
  • Access to academic opportunities
  • To participate in the development of EAES projects
  • To be part of the EAES Family!

Selection procedure:
The applications will be reviewed by the committee on the following criteria:

  • Academic experience & research quality
  • Leadership
  • Commitment & motivation
  • Geographical consideration

Term of Office:
Following our bylaws each committee member will serve a 2-year term and his/her position is eligible for re-election for another 2-year term.

Submitting your candidacy:
Only paid up EAES members are eligible to submit their candidacy. Submission deadline: 25 March 2024.

If you are interested in joining the EAES Guidelines committee, please submit your application via the application form that was sent to all EAES members via email.