EAES Research Sandpit

A unique programme, specifically designed for the young surgeons of the EAES: the EAES Research Sandpit.

During the 32nd EAES congress on the 21st June 2024, we will organise an exciting programme for the best and brightest young surgeons, surgical trainees and students from across Europe. All accepted candidates will be invited to attend an exciting series of morning lectures, followed by a research sandpit in the afternoon. The EAES Research Sandpit is an initiative of the EAES Research committee. The project gives young surgeons an opportunity to learn about doing research in the medical field.

Outline of programme:
  • Top 20 candidates will be selected to participate in EAES Research Sandpit.
  • Selected candidates will receive complimentary registration for the EAES congress 2024 Maastricht.
  • During the Research Sandpit, candidates will be divided into 4 groups of 5 candidates. Each group will work together through the afternoon to develop a project proposal and a 3-minute presentation (pitch) to be given to the EAES Research panel at the end of the Sandpit.
  • Each group will receive facilitation and support during the proposal development with members of the EAES Research committee.
  • The presentation will be followed by 7 minutes of questions and discussion by the EAES Research panel.

One project will be selected for EAES support over the following year (2024 to 2025):

  • 7,500 Euro of funding will be made available to the research team to deliver the project.
  • The research team will benefit from mentorship by members of the EAES Research committee, to support training and delivery of the project.
  • At the end of the project, publication must be submitted to Surgical Endoscopy.
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