Intuitive Foundation

At EAES we have a broad programme for research (Research Grant and Research Sandpit) and multiple education inituatives (Clinical Visit Week and Fellowship programme), but did you know that the Intuitive Foundation also offers these things? We are always looking for ways to improve the education and training facilitated by the EAES and so is Intuitve. They have so much more to offer than just the robotics courses. Please check out their website for more information!

The Intuitive Foundation is dedicated to reducing the global burden of disease and suffering through philanthropy, research and education aimed at better outcomes for patients everywhere.

The Intuitive Foundation grant program is accepting applications for Clinical Research Grants for Robotic-assisted Surgery in 2024-2025.

Applicants may apply for grant funding total costs up to $75,000 (US) per project.

The Intuitive Foundation supports Robotics Surgery Fellowships through its annual grant program.

Fellowship programs provide experience in a specific area of focus or specialty (e.g., bariatric surgery, general thoracic surgery, etc.) to train primarily in robotic-assisted operative techniques and perioperative management, with some time devoted to clinical research in robotic-assisted surgery. Proposed fellowships should not be less than 6 months and not more than 12 months.